Your brain is the most powerful tool on the planet. . .

when it is coherent with your heart.

Knowing your True Self is the most important work you will ever do to allow for the Life and Purpose and Peace you deserve.

It's time
to f.l.y.

What We Do and Why It Matters

Your Brain is
Your Friend

No more arguments with yourself! Instead, harness the immense power of the subconscious.

Your Emotions are
Your Friends

Courageously 'Feel your Feelings' while deeply appreciating their powerful messages!
They are your guides!

Your Dreams Become Your Life

Manifest the fast & easy way, living out your dreams in a peaceful State of Flow!


This is not your average bubble bath! To BE Self-Caring women is to answer the cries of your Soul and give from within.
You are a Goddess of Light!


Discover the root cause of your staying stuck in the past . . . and then gift yourself abundant healing and restoration.
You are whole!


It's time to look forward to your magnificent future and put to rest the unbearable anxiety.
Your future is so bright . . .
Start shopping for sunglasses!

F.L.Y. Girl Nation exists because of you and me. . .
and our parallel journeys in this life.
We have found each other in the darkness of depression & the thunderstorm of anxiety. . .
even as we chase all our Ambitious Goals and Bigger Dreams.

We speak each other's language.

Together, we will become deeply Self-Caring. . .
thriving in a state of utmost Self-Love and Self-Respect. . .
while we achieve our Biggest Visions.

Welcome, my Girl!
Welcome to F.L.Y. Girl Nation where you F.irst, L.ove Y.ourself
fly girl nation
Delores Ann
The depression coach & Original F.L.Y. Girl

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